Page 10 - Club Bulletin 23/04/2018
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only  to  drop  before  the  1  July  club  invoice,  as  clubs  update  their  membership

             . From 1 July through 28 February, we added 24,081 members. It's important that we
                 understand this cycle and plan our efforts accordingly. To expand our clubs from
                 one year to the next, we should aim to achieve a membership level 3%-5% higher
                 than the previous year between July and May.

          The next statistics will show membership trends around the Rotary world.

             . In just the past five years, 50,000 members have joined in Asia, which now has 32
                 percent of the world's Rotarians. During the same period, Canada, the Caribbean,
                 and the United States lost about 15,000 members - dropping from 34 percent of all

                 Rotarians to 29 percent.

      . All other regions have remained stable in terms of percentage of members. Regions like

          Japan, though, show encouraging signs. After many years of steady decline, Japan not
          only has slowed its losses but is beginning to gain.

      . Our demographic information also shows some interesting trends. Currently, 79 percent of
          members worldwide are male, and only 21 percent are female. As with all global trends,
          these percentages vary by region, district and even club.

      . For example, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and parts of the United States, 30 percent of members
          are women. In India, just 10 percent are.

      . The age of our members is harder to gauge, because many - nearly half - don't include their
          age  in  their  membership  profiles.  But  the  information  in  Rotary  Club  Central  suggests
          that the majority of our members are between ages 50 and 69.

      . Diversity is one of Rotary's core values. It enables us to connect different perspectives and
          approach problems from many angles. To make sure that Rotary is still here 100 years
          from now, we need to look for ways to make our membership reflect the communities

          we serve.

      . One way is by aiming our marketing efforts specifically at women, younger professionals,

          and alumni, as well as soon-to-be and recent retirees. Think about what Rotary offers
          them that is unique or superior to what our competitors offer.

      .  NOTE  TO  ROTARIANS:  You  can  view  the  gender  and  age  summaries  for  your  clubs  and
          districts for the past five years on Rotary Club Central. You can add your age information
          in your My Rotary profile.
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