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ROTARY CLUB OF MOOLOOLABA INC.                     R.I. President - Ian H.S. Riseley (Rotary Club of
          (Chartered 26th March 1973, Club No. 17810)        Sandringham Vic)
          Club meets Monday Evenings @ Mooloolaba Surf Club
          Fellowship 6.00pm - Dinner 6.30pm
          All Correspondence to:                             District 9600 D.G John Lane (Rotary Club of
          P.O. Box 278, Mooloolaba, Qld 4557                 Ashgrove - The Gap)
          Club President - David Mares                       Secretary Errol Hay
          Responsible for the overall governance of the club
          David  MARES  (President),  Errol  Hay  (Secretary),  Rob  FRANKS  (Treasurer),  Ian  BARNETT  (Vice  President),  Geoff
          HOPKINS  (President  Elect),  Rick  STINTON  (Community),  Leo  SMITH  (International),  Susie  RASMUSSEN  (Youth),
          Heather LEAK (Vocational), Peter EGGLETON (Board Member), David WAH (Child Protection Officer)
          Club admin
          Focuses on strengthening of fellowship and ensuring the effective functioning of the club
          Ian BARNETT (Chairman), Andrew BUTTERWORTH, Mike IVESS, Graham LUKINS, David MARES, Lindsay ROCK,
          Tony SPORTON, Don WHITE
          *Website                            Mike IVESS (Chairman), Ian BARNETT
          *Rotary Info                        Fred DOCTOR (Chairman)
          *Classification                     Fred DOCTOR (Chairman)
          *Welfare                            Andrew BUTTERWORTH (Chairman)
          *History                            Mike IVESS (Chairman)
          *Insurance                          Tony SPORTON (Chairman)
          *Program                            Lindsay ROCK (Chairman), Charles GODFREY, Graham LUKINS
          *eBulletin/AV/Catering              Ian BARNETT (Chairman)
          *Sergeants                          Vicki STEWART (Chairman)
          *Attendance                         Don WHITE (Chairman)
          *Duty Rosters                       Lindsay ROCK (Chairman)
          *Avenues of Service                 Ian BARNETT (Admin), Bambi MARES (Youth)
          Community Service
          Planning and carrying out a range of projects that address the needs of the club's community
          Rick STINTON (Chairman), Barry FRASER, Paul ROBINS
          *Seniors Christmas Party            Rick STINTON (Chairman)
          *Walk For Mental Health             Vicki STEWART (Chairman)
          *MooloolabaFestival of Sand         Peter EGGLETON (Chairman)
          Planning and carrying out educational & humanitarian projects that address the needs of communities in other countries Including support for The Rotary Foundation
          through financial contributions and club participation in Foundation programs.
          Leo SMITH (Chairman), Graham MCHUGH (Vice-Chairman), Bill DETHLEFS, Lindsay ROCK, Peter Webb
          Focuses on developing projects related supporting and enhansing life opportunities for the next generation
          Susie RASMUSSEN (Chairman), Peter BELL, Peter EGGLETON, Arthur HODGE
          *Immanuel Car Parking               Andrew BUTTERWORTH (Chairman)
          *Story Telling                      Charles GODFREY (Chairman)
          *Equine Therapy                     Susie RASMUSSEN (Chairman)
          Planning and carrying out projects that address the vocational needs of the club's community
          Heather LEAK (Chairman), David WAH (Vice-Chairman)
          *Pride of Workmanship               Paul ROBINS (Chairman)
          Marketing Communications
          Focused on promoting the image of Rotary and our Club both externally and within
          Focuses on recruiting and retaining club members in addition to providing the public with information about Rotary and the Club's service projects and activities
          David MARES (Chairman)
          *Social                             Tony SPORTON (Chairman)
          Planning, Assessment and Governance of projects and avenues of fund raising
          Peter EGGLETON (Chairman)
          *Golf Day                           Paul WARREN (Chairman)
          *Duck Race                          David MARES (Chairman)
          *Grants                             Leo SMITH (Chairman), Roger WRIGHT
          *Nambour Garden Show                Ian BARNETT (Chairman)
          *Bunnings BBQ                       Geoff HOPKINS (Chairman)
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