Page 3 - Club Bulletin 23/04/2018
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                                                 MOOLOOLABA INC.
                                                  45  Year-Volume 42
                                                      30 Apr 2018
                                                President David Mares

          Last Monday we had Mooloolaba Bowls Club President Col Pritchard & Neil Henricks as

          speakers for the night talking to us about the background of the club and the some of the
          history & its growth.
          Offering a cover over the green allows all weather bowls all year.

          Thank you for giving us your time and we wish you all the best for the future.


          It was raised last Monday that I need to explain more, regarding the Kids in Crisis Cluster
          project as it appears to be an ‘ad hoc’ project.

          We have a cluster involvement with this project which as I understand doesn’t happen
          very often.

          The organisation which looks after the children in care are IFYS this link will explain more

          We are fortunate to have Peter Eggleton representing Mooloolaba Rotary in preparation
          of works and costings for the cluster, to make a difference for the safety of the Kids in

          Below is one of the first collection of ideas prepared by the cluster in consultation with
          IFYS regarding needs for the location.

          I have been to site visits and discussed the options below, over a few months the project
          have evolved and is now into a costing phase which Peter E. is working on.

          Kids Crisis Care Home Garden

               Garden is for use of teenagers
               Needs to be safe and secure, some privacy areas, but generally good visibility from

                 house for safety reasons.
               Shade is needed throughout
               Very  low  maintenance  garden  is  preferred,  IFYS  will  look  after  on-going
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