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Being a Rotary Youth Exchange Student

could  be the Greatest Experience of your life!

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As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will spend a year living with host families in a country other than your own. You may learn a new language; you will learn a new way of living – and a great deal about yourself. While you’re busy learning, the people you meet will be learning too – about your country, your culture, and your ideas.

You will be a young ambassador.

You will be helping to bring the world closer together as an ambassador for Rotary and your country – and you’ll be making some good friends in the process.

What does the Program cost?

The 2010 Rotary District 9600 package is likely to cost each family between $8,000 and $9,000 + fuel surcharge, paid in instalments. The first instalment is a $500 application fee, $2,500 acceptance fee and the remaining balance in two equal  instalments which will be required on 1st August and 1st October . The fuel surcharge is paid separately.

Host Rotary Clubs usually provide students with an allowance to cover incidentals, but your family will need to supplement this, with the major expenses being host country safari and clothing. Plan on a minimum of $6,000. Although some students spend more than this during their exchange year, they are expected to budget responsibly. 

The Program provides the following:-

1. Airfare from Australia to your host country. Transport to Australian departure point.

2. 12 months accommodation and monthly allowance.

3. Comprehensive travel and health insurance.

8. Uniform, badges, and business cards.

4. Administration and support service for your year away.

5. Selection weekend.

6. Two orientation weekends. Briefing, accommodation, and meals.

7. One week Sunshine Safari tour with other exchange students.

9. Gift starter pack for host families

10. Visas.

What doesn’t the program cost include?

1. Spending money (apart from the monthly allowance).

2. Bus tour organised by host country.

3. Special clothing.

4. Departure Tax on return.

5. Additional gifts, souvenirs, postage.

What requirements are there?

_ Age between 16 and 18 years.

_ Academic record. Sarah

_ Maturity and strength of character.

_ Degree of adaptability.                                                                                   


 _ Participation in community activities.

_ Family relationships.

_ Ability to communicate well with people.

_ Personality.

_ Knowledge of foreign language.

                                                                                                                      Our 2018-2019 Exchange Student  Sarah from Austria

Where can I go?    

Students will be asked to list the following countries in order of preference – Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , Denmark , France , Germany , Japan , Sweden , Switzerland . Preferences are considered, but can not always be acceded to.

How the selection process works.

Nominations close with Rotary Clubs in late March .

After your local Rotary Club interviews you and endorses your application, you will be asked to fill out your application forms (4 copies, on line) and send them to the D9600 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee together with a $500.00 application fee.

Applications close with the D9600 Youth Exchange Committee 16th April .

Selection weekend are  held in  May 

 Selected students, accompanied by a parent, are required to attend Orientation weekends:



Students are also required to go on the Sunshine Safari in December .


If you are ready for the challenge please click here and download the full brochure and initial interest form.




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