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Mooloolaba Rotary Club - Honour Board

This page recognises those who have made significant contributions to our club since chartering:

  • The Charter members who founded Mooloolaba Rotary on 26 March 1973.

  • Current Honorary Life members.

  • The president, secretary and treasurer for each Rotary year.

  • The "Mooloolaba Rotarian of the Year" - the "Hippo" Award.

Current Honorary Life Members

  • Arthur Hodge

  • Rick Stinton   

  • Fred Doctor

  • Geoff Hopkins

  • Don White

Club Executive over the Years

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Mooloolaba Rotarian of the Year

The Hippo Award










This wooden hippo was donated to our club in 2002 by Nikki Phillips, our exchange student from South Africa.  Nikki donated the hippo as the trophy to be awarded annually by the President to the “Mooloolaba Rotarian of the Year”.


Hippo photo 2.png

Year                    Recipient

2002/03              Noel Bridges

2004/05              Scott McConochie

2006/07              Roger Wright

2008/09              Heather Leak   

2010/11              Andrew Butterworth

2012/13              Arthur Hodge

2014/15              Peter Wark

2016/17              Ian Barnett

2018/19              Peter Bell

2020/21              Charles Godfrey

2022/23              Graham Lukins

Year                    Recipient

2003/04              Vicki Stewart

2005/06              Arnaldo Mendes

2007/08              Paul Robins

2009/10              Phil Ballinger

2011/12              Lindsay Rock

2013/14              Paul Warren

2015/16              Charmaine Wheatley

2017/18              Arthur Hodge

2019/20              Geoffrey Hopkins

2021/22              Pam Purvis

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