Become a Corporate Rotarian

Would you like to have an opportunity to make a difference in our world
and, in the process, gain a significant advantage for your business?

Join the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba as a Corporate Member!

Please review Why Join Rotary and Ready to Join? before continuing below to learn more about Corporate Membership of Mooloolaba Rotary.


“Trusted Brand” Association

Established more than 110 years ago, Rotary is an internationally recognised brand for doing good in the world - the Rotary motto is “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”. 

Skills Development

The Mooloolaba Club is run on a professional basis with an established Board overseeing all the club activities.

Being a corporate member will enable your designated staff to develop skills in the following areas:

•   General management

•   Project management

•   Leadership - Board and Committee levels

•   Public speaking

•   Marketing and communication

Project Development

You could be the catalyst that sparks the development of a community project that expands beyond club level through our 34,000+ international clubs.  There are many examples of this in Rotary, including “Lift the Lid Walk” for Mental Health - created by one of our members, implemented by our club and then three years later adopted by Australian Rotary Health and is now being rolled out across Australia.


Business Networks

Our members come from a variety of different business backgrounds and have useful business networks and can be a sounding board for new ideas or problem solving.


Connecting with Your Community

Mooloolaba Rotary is already well known on the Sunshine Coast so get to know your community by becoming a Corporate Member.


Tax Deductibility

Membership fees are tax deductible.


Making A Difference

By joining Rotary, you will be making a measurable and meaningful difference to the community that you serve.


So, are You and Your Company Ready to Join?


Your company will have the opportunity to nominate one primary and up to 3 associate corporate leaders of your company as designated members.  These members will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop lifelong friendships and strong networks by working with fellow Rotarians on local, national and global service projects.

  • Serve society by following high ethical standards as embodied in the Rotary Four-Way Test.

  • Use their professional expertise and knowledge to make the world a better place.

  • Advance international understanding, goodwill and peace by joining with other Rotarians in a global fellowship united in the ideal of service.

What is expected of a Corporate Rotarian?

Pretty much the same as an individual member - see What is Expected of a Rotarian

How Much Does Rotary Cost?

Again, same as for an individual Rotarian - see How Much does Rotary Cost?

Still interested?

Our club accepts new members by invitation - please Contact Us